Friday, April 15, 2005

Stay on Target...Stay on Target

This being the first of hopefully many columns of the newly invented series Reason and Logic, allow me to point out that despite this might be called an “opinionated editorial,” a reader will find much of this work supplemented by indisputable fact, and the reader is actually encouraged to check my facts against whatever fair source you might find. In fact, I’m so confident of these facts of mine that I’m quite willing to give the reader my email address so as to inform me of these dastardly errors: Have fun. I would love for readers to be checking things like this out for themselves, in opposition to just taking my word for it, as so many have decided to just take our school’s word for it.
Which, in a round-and-about way to segue into what this column actually exists for: to dispute the formerly “indisputable fact” of the theory of evolution. Now, I’m not so arrogant to say it’s been debunked completely- since it’s (as evolutionists will be sure to remind you) a theory and therefore cannot be disproved- but the amazing amount of evidence amassed against it would lead one to believe that it shouldn’t be taught in a public school. After all, Christianity can’t be disproved and it’s not allowed…
Doubtlessly, some are thinking that of course Christianity shouldn’t be taught, because it’s- all right, you left-wingers, let’s have some audience participation here- *GASP* a RELIGION! And yet, what is evolution? Since no one’s proven it yet- that is irrevocable, even evolutionists will tell you it won’t be proven, just like they’ll say it won’t be debunked- you must have some degree of faith to believe in it, correct? Oh, and let’s not forget the rather obvious fact it doesn’t even fit the scientific method for being a theory (hypothesis, observation, experimentation, repeated results), it’s not really science, then, is it? So… then exactly what is it? Alright, for two credit points for those in the back of the class: what would one call something that uses a belief system to exist, explains man’s origin and the afterlife (or the lack of one), and is followed blindly by millions, without any evidence whatsoever?
Yes, that’s right, Esteemed Reader, we’re talking about a religion. The 1971 edition of On the Origin of Species, by Darwin, contained an introduction which puts it succinctly:

"The fact of evolution is the backbone of biology, and biology is thus in the peculiar position of being a science founded on an unproved theory - is it then a science or a faith? Belief in the theory of evolution is thus exactly parallel to belief in special creation - both are concepts which believers know to be true but neither, up to the present, has been capable of proof." - Introduction to The Origin of Species (London: J.M. Dent & Sons, Ltd., 1971)

So, with all the shouting over a non-existent “separation of church and state” issue, it strikes me as a little ironic that a religion has not only snuck by the same people who complain about it (cough, cough, liberals, cough…), but apparently by America as a whole. Why is no dispute brought up over such a flagrant opposition to what we true Americans should believe?
Because, ladies and gentlemen, it is introduced as fact, and repeated as such until none would contend with it. Another quote, by Robert Jastrow, a very popular evolutionist, states the same thing, saying that “…The fact of evolution has been repeated so many times that…at the risk of one’s career, none will not [dissent in opinion] with it.”
Since I love quotes so much, how about this one- by yet another evolutionist! You’d think they’d give up the fight with so many of them providing Creationists with material- to rehash something I said earlier- and, again, by an evolutionist, no less!

"The theory of evolution suffers from grave defects, which are more and more apparent as time advances. It can no longer square with practical scientific knowledge."—*Albert Fleischmann, Zoologist.

Why are there still discussions about evolution, when we’ve got promoters of the Great Lie saying things such as this?

Now, I’ll end the introduction. The title of this column is such for a reason, believe it or not, and not to remind me to stay on the target.
It amazes me how often, when discussing with evolutionists as to the credibility of evolution they will turn their argument in a direction that will attack Creation. Inevitably, it has happened- and will likely to continue to happen- in every single discussion I’ve been part of. I will be in the midst of slaughtering a previously believed evolutionary “proof” and they will break out and say- yeah, I get interrupted a lot, too- something to the effect of “So how would you prove Creation then.”
Usually, I’ll take a couple seconds to process what they said, for my mind can only sort out so much ignorance at once, you know. Eventually I’ll wrap my mind around the sheer incongruity of their question and in turn, ask them if we were even talking about Creation.
Now, for those of you who are of a different religion or have lived in a bomb shelter for all of your life but the past fifteen minutes, allow me to explain what I believe Creation is. Creation is- you might want to sit down, I’ve got a shocker coming- the creation of the world. Specifically, by God (the God shared by Abraham and the Christians), Who spoke the universe into existence. Except for humans, of course, He came down and personally shaped us and breathed life into us. Creation is antithetical to the evolutionist’s god of random chance, in other words. This was purposeful, and by a much higher Power.
For some reason, the answer of their question with “Why would you bring that up?” seems to allow evolutionists to think they’ve scored a metaphorical ‘point’ in the debate, even that they’ve won. They will almost always reply with a supercilious, sarcastic reply, thought some have not the wit for sarcasm.
I have always been relatively confused by this exchange, in reality. Why would anyone argue about Creation? That makes no sense. Think about it: if you could prove a whole religion, no one would have any choice but to believe in it. That’s somewhat far from what God intended. God didn’t give us free will for no reason. He’s made sure that we go to Him as a choice, not because of irrevocable scientific proof. It’s a matter of heart, not logic.
There’s absolutely no point in arguing religion, you’ll never get anywhere. It relies on only faith.
Evolution, on the other hand, is completely debatable. It relies on evidence and fact to exist, so when it has none… it’s over. As yet, no real evidence has been found, and so I love to debate aggressively… my opening line in almost all debates has been “All right, then: give me some hard evidence.” Sometimes, my opponent knows what he’s talking about, more often he doesn’t. And he’ll always attack my religion. When I argue with those people who can’t seem to back off my religion in the middle of a scientific debate, I feel like that actor on the very first Star Wars film constantly repeating the mantra, “Stay on target…come on, stay on target…”
My target is this: Evolutionists should either (a) finally find at least a little evidence to support their erroneous theory; or (b) admit that they were wrong and give it up; or, preferably (c), give up their evil theory and convert to Christianity, and maybe they’ll enjoy life. More stuff coming, Esteemed Reader, bear with me.

~ K. T. Stone


Blogger Angela said...

I just thought you might want to check out this website. Maybe you've already seen it. I would love to hear what you think of this. What's your argument against this?

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Nichelle said...

just thought id let you can argue religion (Christianity, more specifically), to a point. to say that religion is a matter of faith *only* is, in my opinion, a severely weak argument. Anyone can decide to have faith in anything. So with faith as your main speaking point, you could believe in anything and be, well, right. How can someone debate faith? Impossible. So while faith as a nice role in the whole matter, you've got to have some facts, or some compelling reason to even begin to have faith IN something. Its sort of a big step. You need some proof. Which brings me to my point. Christianity, in my study so far, has more logical proof than any other that I have encounted and studied. I could go in more detail, but my brain is not in a completely organized place at 10:40 at night, so you can ask me yourself. Though I must add that I am still forming my opinions and am still studying what I claim to know, so my knowledge is, at best, in an incomplete place at the current time. But you know me, and I can easily tell you my views in person...

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